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WSBA Moderate Means Program Application for Service
Welcome to the WSBA Moderate Means Program online application. Before you begin the application, we need to provide you with some introductory information. Please read this screen and select the response that indicates that you understand and agree.

What to Expect: This application is designed to help us provide legal assistance to more people than we can if people apply by telephone. We will ask for information about your income, the people who live in your household, and your legal issue. It will take you approximately 10-15 minutes to complete this application. You cannot save this application, so please make sure you have time to finish. To complete the application, you will need information about your household income and the people who live with you.

Privacy: We are collecting this information to determine if you are eligible for the WSBA Moderate Means Program. We will keep all information you provide through this online application confidential. We may share your information with lawyers participating with the WSBA Moderate Means Program during our case referral process.

No Guarantee of Help:This application is a preliminary screening tool. Completing an application does not guarantee that we can help you. You will still need to talk with one of our intake student volunteers to verify your eligibility for the WSBA Moderate Means Program. We cannot handle urgent cases and we cannot guarantee that your case will be referred before your court dates or deadlines.

The WSBA Moderate Means Program does not provide immediate assistance. It can take up to three weeks to place a case, and the program cannot guarantee a referral, particularly in some rural communities where attorney resources are limited. Other legal resources are available if you need immediate assistance.

No Attorney-Client Relationship:Completing an application does not make you a client of the WSBA Moderate Means Program and does not create an attorney-client relationship between you and the WSBA Moderate Means Program.

I have read the information above and agree to the terms described.
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WSBA Moderate Means Online Application

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